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If you were to write your profile on a web site, what would it say about you? Before reading any further, take a couple of minutes and write or ponder a short paragraph that would describe you.  Generally, when we are prompted to describe ourselves to new people, most of us label ourselves by talking about what we do or how we perceive our own self. For example, one may use his/her career to create one’s self-identity: I am an accountant; I am a lawyer, etc.  Additionally, it is not at all uncommon to place importance in daily activities (e.g., domestic activities like taking care of children), hobbies, marital status, religion affiliation, etc.

However, as one identifies oneself with these “titles,” they can begin to determine the reality of that person’s perceived self-worth.  Consequently, this labeling begins to set limitations on our true potential and our light. You have probably heard, or perhaps even said yourself, some of the following limiting beliefs:

“I am an accountant, so I am boring.

I am a single 35 year-old, thus I must be doing something wrong.

I am a housewife – there’s no way I can survive without my husband.”

We begin to look at these characteristics and we start shaping ourselves to match that reality.  This unfortunate behavior empowers these  “titles” so much so that we may even begin to talk about ourselves with a sense of embarrassment,  or self-disapproval .  You may even pass on new opportunities because you do not believe that you are worthy or capable of rising to the occasion.  For example, one might say:

“I am just an assistant, I am not that bright.

I cannot do that hike, because I am just a couch potato.

I always pick the wrong boyfriend/girlfriend. I’ll never be in a happy relationship.”

In life, sometimes we make choices that make us extremely  unhappy; however, despite this apparent mistake, we occasionally repeat this choice over and over.  While for some, this cycle may seem endless, there is a way out of this illogical pattern of behavior.  Perhaps the reason people do this is because they begin to comply and form themselves with their “I AM” statements they identify with and have accepted.

So, truly, who are you?    If you are that  “I AM”  that you have created at the beginning of this article, are you pleased with your “I AM”?

Is your    “I AM”    sad, depressed, angry, lazy, resentful, bored?

Or is your   “I AM”   happy, energetic, positive, loving, peaceful?

If you find that you have created your sense of self that is limiting on your success, it is time to rethink and reevaluate your reality.  What one does for living, one’s hobbies, relationship status, etc., does not definitively define that person; it only compliments who he/she is.

You have limitless potential to achieve your ideal  “I AM.”  There is a fire inside of all of us – a divine spark longing to shine within us – and in order for His light to shine through; you just need to change the focus of your life.  Instead of looking at who we are with lenses of fear, disapproval, resistance, or ego, we need to start looking at who we are with positivity, optimism, courage, and love. If you have a bad day, at the end of the day, release those bad experiences. Why would you want to keep the thoughts or feelings that make you feel negative about yourself?

Let’s open our minds to the truth that we create the reality of who we are.  Know that every positive or negative thought/view affects your potential and reality.  In order to be successful in this, you must be willing to release any negative and limiting thought that you are holding onto regardless of how important you may think it is.   You must be willing to release the fears and guilt that are blocking you from manifesting a happier   “I AM.”

Align your mind and heart with the harmony, inner peace, and self-approval that you want and deserve so that you can manifest it in your life.   You deserve all good, love, and success. Start creating a new and better  “I AM”  for yourself! Find positive characteristics in every aspect of your life and recognize those influences.   At the end of every day, release the negative, and acknowledge the positive.  You will quickly find yourself living to your potential and enjoying the great life you deserve.


Rose Catmull



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