Is not uncommon to be skeptical of alternative methods of healing practices. This is entirely normal! However, as previous clients of Angels Light Therapy/Coaching attest, these therapies can truly help in positively changing one’s life. After reading through these testimonials, please feel free to visit the Contact page for any further questions or concerns or to schedule an appointment.

Rosa is truly an amazing healer. Our encounter was definitely pre-arranged , It is fate, fate, and fate! Her talent is undoubtedly a gift from God. From her channeling ability to her healing technique, it was full of pleasant surprises. 10 thousand words can't even describe how amazing the experience was. Just the thoughts of writing her this feed back instantly brings me back the warmth and love that I've experienced during her session. Doesn't that tell you something?

David Ting - Las Vegas

My session with Rose was exactly what I had been praying for. As soon as I heard her voice call forward the angels, my heart opened up and I felt so loved and nurtured. I found her very knowledgeable and intuitive no matter what dark fears were coming up, she stayed very professional to help me let go one at a time of all the memories I had that were coming up. I no longer feel victim to them, but actually amazingly free. Interestingly it also included a chakra clearing at the same time, which was a first for me to experience – I feel more open, relieved and loved in a way I had rarely felt before. What an incredible blessing! Thank you Rose.

Victoria R. - Las Vegas

I had my first Angel therapy session with Rosa yesterday. From the start of the session it was clear to me that she was intimately tuned in with what was happening in my life, which there is no way she could have known about it otherwise. During the session I felt such a loving, caring from the Angles that were communicating with me trough Rosa. TRULY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever experienced - so much LOVE - I just felt wrapped in a BIG BALL OF LOVING LIGHT. I am so so grateful to you and my angels Rosa. I am floating on a cloud of love and light. Absolutely stunning! I have been feeling much better but this reading - wow - it's beyond all my expectations and those were high! The advise is very precious to me and it could not be more clear... I am going to live with and co-create with my angels, they are just there and of course, they have helped me see - how could it be otherwise... it’s the clear truth and not the obscuring fear. I am sometimes, doubting myself, skeptical. I love it when things are just instantly clear,.. and I am going to work with the angels to broaden that out. Rosa bless you and thank you so much for this beautiful gift. You are a wonderful healing presence and a very gifted intuitive healer. I can certainly recommend this therapy as a way to get in touch with what sometimes is hidden inside of you and maybe is blocking your spiritual grow.

Monica J. - Las Vegas

Wow! My session With Rosa was extremely healing. I released so many buried emotions I didn’t even know were still there! I fell so much clarity and a feeling of lightness! Rosa emanates compassion and love and I would highly recommend everyone to experience a Healing Dove session with her.

Joei Belovin - Las Vegas

I had a healing/channeling with Rosa today and found the session to be extremely beneficial. Her channeling is very pure and I felt totally comfortable and peaceful in her presence. I also felt confident that the information that came through was, indeed, from higher beings of intelligence and love. I would certainly recommend her, and look forward to seeing her again myself. She is truly gifted.

Lacey Hawk

Rose, I am so glad that I met you and grateful for the new awareness that you have brought upon me. Driving home I was thinking about the experience and all the visions i saw. The one that kept repeating in my mind’s eye was the image of a Man/woman standing over me as an Native American dressed in white bear fur, complete with a white bear head. I truly believe that White Bear is my spirit guide. Thank you helping me obtaining this wonderful gift of knowledge and insight. You have a great gift and I am honored to have met you. Please keep in touch with any news and programs you will be teaching in the future.

James Guiry

Rose, I just wanted to tell you that since we have had our two sessions my life has changes so much for the better and my life keeps getting better and better. I sold my house in one day to the first buyer on a Saturday, Monday I got the best job I have had in years, found a perfect house to rent in Sparks, Nevada, have the best company I could ever ask for to work for, my house was appraised for the amount that I wanted for my house and moved in two weeks. You told me that I would have great weather which we did on both ends and did see white snow on the grown as you said it would. All of this was because of our sessions I am sure. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I had a very special feeling when I met you and I am so glad that we connected. Sharing your special gifts with me has been a blessing and I cannot thank you enough. You are truly an angel! I would like to continue with you for another sessions. I am living in Spark, Nevada now but didn't know if you would be able to have a session from a distance. Hope all is well for you and your family. Best of luck to you. Deepest appreciation

Linda Gelinger