What is Angels Light Coaching?

It is a place where one can find encouragement, guidance, and transformation. In this busy and demanding world, one can find themselves overwhelmed, depressed, and even lost. Allow Angels Light Coaching to assist and empower you with tools to manage these challenges.

Angels Light Coaching Offers a plethora of services ranging from tools to help you to better manage stress and difficult changes in life. Maximize meditation benefits for deep emotional/physiological repair and pain management. All services are designed to assist you to restore a healthy outlook on life.

ALC Services are offered in mini-modules.

Each mini-module is suited to your current needs ; however it is possible that you may need multiple modules. Personal programs can also be designed depending on the client’s needs. Please contact us for an in person 15-minute consultation and free 10-minute seraphim energy boost. Ultimately, Angels Light Coaching strives to empower you.

We look forward to teaching you the tools to implement meaningful and lasting changes in your life to maximize your health, reduce stress, manage pain and maintain a balanced emotional state.

Are you aware of what’s creating stress for you?

Please ask yourself these questions out loud. Often it is powerful for your subconscious to hear your voice affirming the questions.

  • Am I easily fatigued?
  • Do I have decreased tolerances of people/Do people irritate me more often?
  • Do I tend to avoid emotional situations?
  • Am I not thinking as clearly as I used to?
  • Is it difficult to say no when others need me?
  • Do I feel that I don’t often have time for myself?
  • Do I feel unappreciated?
  • Do I have difficulty sleeping?
  • Do I have a busy mind that seems to never stop running?
  • Does my life overwhelm me?

If you face some of these challenges Angels Light coaching can elicit change in your life through their mini- module programs, workshops, seminars or individual one-on-one sessions. Restore, renew and empower yourself by choosing one of the following.

Relaxation–Balancing Energy Sessions

Experience a combination of Energy Modalities as you lay on a Reiki table fully clothed in a relaxed meditative state. Transcend to a space of deep peace, relaxation and spiritual balance.


Emotional Detoxification

Release toxic emotions, regain emotional balance, re-connect with optimism and breaking the cycle of recurring negative emotional patterns.


Behavioral Re-Programming

Gain control over your negative outlooks, identify negative triggers and create new response patterns.


Stress Reduction

Break through the stress cycle, provide tools to get back on top of your circumstances, integrate effective coping skills and relax the mind.


Pain Management

Breathing and meditation techniques, programmed physical responses to pain and holistic healing to reduce dependency on pain medication.

Workshops & Classes

Holistic Health Workshops and classes will create a strong foundation for your daily practice for health and well-being. Integrate mind -body principles to build a new way of being, imperative for personal growth and wellness.

 “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Viktor Frank

Customized Wellness Programs

Create a program to fit your individual special needs and personal goals.

Initial Consultation

$ 120.00

1.5 HoursBook Now

Follow Up Consultation

$ 120.00

1.5 HoursBook Now

Follow Up Consultation

$ 80.00

1 HourBook Now

Mini-ModulesBundle and Save

$ 320.00

3 ConsultationsBook Now

Click here to see the calendar for upcoming seminars and classes. Classes may be taken in person or via teleconference.