For the past 15 years

Rose Catmull has been an entrepreneur in Las Vegas. However , Rose’s passion for service and dedication to assist others has transcended from the private industry and into the service of personal empowerment over stress, depression, addictions and more. In recognizing that a complete mind, body and soul’s health is a key to an enriched life, she has developed the tools and programs to guide you to a successful life.

In 2011, Rose realized her higher vision by founding Angels Light Coaching to offer holistic education and programs to bring an alternative healing approach to life from a place of self-empowerment, soul-based living, connecting the mind, body, and spirit as one. She offers workshops, seminars and retreats to help you break free from the past and present ailments. She compliments her Holistic approach to health by supporting a spiritual approach to life as an ordained minister. This has further empowered and enabled her with the tools to confidently and successfully restore her client’s mind and spirit to the peaceful, joyous state they were created to be. Rose loves to be of helpful service and looks forward to assisting the divine to work miracles in your life.

Rose now seeks to assist others in realizing their potential and aids them in healing their spiritual, emotional, and physical issues via her expert knowledge of various holistic modalities. Using her intuitive sight to quickly identify your personal triggers and assist you to expedite your healing process.

Rose Catmull is a Practitioner and/or Certified Teacher of the Following

  • Usui Reiki Master/Holly Fire (Teacher)
  • Seraphim Blueprint (Teacher)
  • New Paradigm MDT (Teacher)
  • Theta Healing
  • Access Consciousness “Bars”
  • Body & Emotional Code